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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning tile and grout is a messy task and every homeowner who has ever attempted the process knows that for a fact. Endless products and cleaning tools claim to restore grout and tile to their original pristine condition, but after hours of elbow grease there are no significant results. To get professional results that really last, you need to work with professionals. Even tidy bathrooms that don’t seem like they have much dirt lurking in the grout can experience a dramatic transformation with a professional tile and grout cleaning.

The Residential Tile Cleaning & Residential Grout Cleaning Process

First, one of our professional tile and grout cleaners will inspect your bathroom tile. Based on how dirty the tile and grout are, they will determine the best way to clean your tile and grout. Our technicians will choose the appropriate cleaning solution and use our advanced steam cleaners to clean the area. Since we use industrial steam cleaners, they have the perfect combination of high-pressure heated water and powerful suction to leave your grout beautifully clean without harming your flooring. For a powerful clean that makes a huge difference, only use professional tile and grout cleaning.

It’s Quicker Than You Think

Unlike a large restoration project or having new tile installed, tile and grout cleaning will not take very long. The entire service, in an average-sized bathroom, will take only 30-60 minutes total. Since we can deliver such big results in a short period of time, you can count on us hours before your annual holiday party or on a weekday afternoon.

Quick Tile & Grout Maintenance

To keep your tile and grout clean in between professional cleanings, always:

  • Vacuum and sweep before mopping your floor to avoid pushing dirt into the surface.
  • Always rinse after mopping.
  • Never use harsh chemical cleaners on your tile flooring or grout, as they can degrade the base materials over time and do more harm than good.
  • Use a squeegee to clean your shower walls and tile and prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Never place chairs and furniture directly on tile without pads on the bottom. Scratches, scrapes, and cracks in the tile will provide places for dirt to sneak in.
  • Clean up any spills as quickly as possible so that discoloration does not occur.
  • Never use wax or ammonia-based cleaners on your tile or grout.

Skilled Tile & Grout Cleaning from All Hands Carpet Cleaning

All Hands Carpet Cleaning is proud to provide honest and fair tile and grout cleaning services to home and business owners throughout Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Pasadena, Edgewater, Bowie, and Rockville. Interested in seeing the All Hands Carpet Cleaning difference in action? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help clean and treat the carpet, tile, and upholstery in your home or business.